ASIMOV – 4kHz Test Bench

The ASIMOV-test bench is equipped with a highly modular setup to fit a wide variety of test gear specimen of lower power classes. The load path can be monitored based on Kistler torque sensors located at the in- and output of the power train.

Picture: IMS

Due to its comprising leveling setup the test bench can be used to align the test specimen by metal bellow couplings to the torque measuring shafts. The enclosure of the test rig including a cooling fan allows for preciously conditioning a planetary gearbox to a desired operating point, defined by the speed, torque and temperature to automatically measure the characteristics diagrams of a specimen of interest based on space-filling methods. Additional accelerometers and microphones can be added in order to perform identify mechanical vibration as well as noise signatures.

Picture: IMS

Research has been conducted to identify and capture vibration signals of typical low power-range planetary gearboxes to analyze dependencies of vibration signatures and possible micro-geometric deviations of the gearing and gearbox as currently aimed for in predictive maintenance researches. Thereby a high effort was made on detecting uncertainties in the analysis of aggregated data. Gathered data steps were taken to link defects in the gear train to manufacture imperfections resulting in vibration signatures.

  • Analysis of tooth meshing vibration in planetary gearboxes
  • Planetary gearbox vibration reduction
Base Massive concrete T-slot machine bed with vibration absorbers
Housing + protective cage/enclosure ITEM-cage with fencing
Power input
Asynchronous machine 500 – 10.000 rpm
Power output Eddy-current brake 0 – 50 Nm ~ speed-dependent
Coupling 2x Metal below couplings R+W BKH-60-93
Test specimen gearboxes multiple single-stage spur gear planetary gearboxes
Data acquisition DSpace real time system
Computer Standard laboratory computer
Accelerometers 7x MMF KS78B.10
Torque sensors
2x Kistler 4503b
Force transducers
2x Kistler 9027C
Incremental encoders
1x Wachendorff WDG 100H-32-16384
Temperature sensors
2x Pt1000
Optional microfones