Scaled rotor test bench

As the name of the test stand already suggests, this test stand is a 1:2 scaled version of a compressor shaft of an aircraft engine, but rotates twice as fast. It has an over-determined bearing configuration with three bearings, where the two bearings near the rotor disc are active piezoelectric bearings. In this way, the test rig reproduces the behaviour of a real, practical system and is therefore more difficult to model.

Active Bearing

The test rig has three bearing levels of which two are active bearings supported by piezo actuators. This way a real-world system with two resonances in the operating range can be modelled, as it is found in an engine. The control of the actuators can lead to tensions in the shaft, which would not occur for a bearing configuration with two bearings. The modelling is also more difficult due to the over-determined bearing configuration, which means that the bearing forces are dependent on the material properties, for example. Due to the uncertainties in the modelling, the test rig therefore offers ideal conditions for testing and evaluating the robustness of control approaches.

In the past, most common control approaches such as LQR/LQG, Integral Force Feedback, FxLMS, µ-Synthesis and Gain-Scheduled H_∞ have been implemented. For future research, the test bench will be used to validate control approaches that are either model-free or self-adjusting. The aim is to identify controls that can be applied to a real system without modelling the system beforehand.

Motor VS 60.11-2 from Perska
Speed: 0-18.000 U/min
Actuators P-025.80P from Physik Instruments
Capacity: 2,6 µF
Free displacement: 120µm
Blocking force: 14kN
Power amplifier E-481K009 from Physik Instruments
Voltage: 0-1100V
Current: 1A
Realtime software dSpace with Matlab Simulink
Displacement sensors EX-416V-ONLY/ 13100 with EX-V05P-ONLY /13103 from Keyence
Range: 0-5 mm
Resolution: <0,002 mm
Linearity error: ±1%
Force sensors Kraftaufnehmer K von GTM
Range: 0-50 kN
Accuracy: 0,4%
Incremental encoder HG 6 DN 360 TTL from Braumer Hübner
Evaluation units on actuators Strain gouge
PT1000 Temperature sensor