STEPS – STorage of Energy & Power Systems

Period: 2020-2023

Funding: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Interreg North-West Europe

As the North-West Europe (NWE) is increasingly investing in distributed renewable energies the need for medium capacity energy storage solutions becomes apparent, with a market potential reaching up to 250 billion Euro by 2025. Heavily subsidized batteries from the US and Asia outpace EU suppliers and currently supply 80% of the storage market in NWE. Many of these mass-produced solutions are not tailored to the needs of local market segments including, e.g. housing providers, energy cooperatives and business parks. These use cases could benefit from tailored storage technologies, new technologies or new business models.

Project goals:

  • Advising local small and medium sized energy storage enterprises (SME) on entering new markets in NWE.
  • Creating market pull effects in NWE for new energy storage solutions by engaging with potential end-user needs and increase awareness of solution providers.
  • Implementing a support program that connects end-users with providers of new energy storage solutions to increase their 'Technological Readiness Level (TRL)' through real-life testing.

Contact: Guanlin Gao

Further information can be find in the project website