Optimization and Economic Feasibility

Optimization and Economic Feasibility

A broad application of energy storage systems will only be possible if the systems become economically feasible. A cost-benefit analysis considering all lifecycle costs and revenues is necessary to evaluate the profitability.

Beside the storage technology itself, the specification, the design and the operational strategy are assessed in detail since they are the main drivers of profitability.

While financial benefits are highly correlated with external factors, such as feed-in tariffs or costs of renewable energy, lifecycle costs primary depend on the energy storage technology.

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Both, technology and dimensioning, determine the initial costs of the system. Operation costs are mainly determined by energy losses during operation and the degradation of the system.

Lifecycle costs can be seen as technology characteristics from an economic point of view. Thus, on the one hand, lifecycle costs can be used as development incentives in order to develop cost efficient energy storage systems by revealing different trade-off possibilities. On the other hand, they facilitate the comparison of different energy storage technologies for specific applications.

Completed Projects Related to this Key Topic:

Funded by BMWi, period 2017 – 2019

In this project, a hybrid energy storage system is developed and implemented in the ETA-Fabrik. The hybrid system consisting of a battery and a flywheel is evaluated in terms of functionality, robustness and utilization in an industrial environment.

Contact: Panagiotis Mouratidis,

Further information you can find on the Project webseite.

funded by BMWi, period 2014-2017

Target of the project “Siedlungsbausteine für bestehende Wohnquartiere – Impulse zur Vernetzung energieeffizienter Technologien” (Modules for existing residential quarters – Impulse for the interconnection of energy efficient technologies) is the development and intelligent integration of a hybrid energy storage system consisting of a refined flywheel in combination with a Li-Ion battery.

Contact: Maximilian Schneider,

Further information you can find on the Project website.