Cloud-based Comfort Features

Period: 2018 – 2020

Cooperation: Daimler AG

Novel electric drives offer great potential in many ways compared to conventional powertrains. The additional degrees of freedom associated with this allow, among other things, the development of new comfort functions in order to increase the acceptance of this new technology and to strengthen the connection between driver and vehicle. In cooperation with Daimler AG, the IMS is pursuing the vision of an intelligent comfort function that learns while driving and thus adapts individually to the needs of the driver. For this purpose, current research approaches from machine learning are picked up and combined with classic engineering approaches. The aim is to exploit synergies such that the robustness of classical methods can be combined with the agility of machine learning in vehicle functionality. In addition, it will be examined to what extent the intelligent integration of the cloud can be used to improve the overall system.

Contact: Philippe Jardin