Versatile Optimization Tool for the Sizing and Siting of the Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Period: 2019 – 2020

Cooperation: HEAG mobilo, Entega AG

Support: siehe rechts

The project is funded by the Pioneer Fund (Booster-Line) of the TU Darmstadt. The goal is developing a software tool for optimizing the charging infrastructure of electrified vehicles. In the course of the German energy transition to more renewable energy sources, charging infrastructures adopt a key role as interface between the energy and the transport sector. Consequently, the dimensioning of charging infrastructures is subject to several parameters of different academic fields. To overcome the complexity of this task, we develop a holistic optimization environment. In cooperation with the HEAG mobilo and the Entega AG, we analyze what the future charging infrastructure for the public transport in Darmstadt might look like. Among others, we consider traffic data, weather conditions, and topology data.

Contakt: Benjamin Blat-Belmonte