Loadmonitoring of the Wet Disc Clutch

Period: 2018-2019

Cooperation: COMPREDICT und Universität Tongji

Support: Getrag China

As part of the project, a method is being developed to monitor the operating status of the wet disc clutch. For this purpose, the functions, such as the monitoring of the load condition of the disc plates and the temperature calculation while driving are provided. After the development phase, this method is merged with an existing gear state monitoring algorithm of COMPREDICT, and then investigations are to be made in a simulation environment of Tongji University. Such fundamental investigations and the simultaneous optimization of the method should ensure that a continuous gain of knowledge takes place with the exclusion of systematic errors. Finally, the entire monitoring algorithm is implemented in a test vehicle and tested in the real driving environment. The recorded measurement data can be used to develop and improve the method.

The project initially serves as a feasibility study for a condition monitoring of wet disc clutches. Although there are several publications in this field, these are largely theoretical studies or methods obtained by test benches. This project is characterized by the fact that the method is developed on a real system. Here, the real-time functionality under limited computing power represents the biggest challenge.