DE-REX: Two-Drive-Transmission with Range-Extender

Period: 2015 – 2018

Cooperation: AKKA, Daimler AG, Magna Getrag

Support: see right

The „Two-Drive-Transmission with Range-Extender (DE-REX)“ is an innovative parallel-series hybrid powertrain concept. The DE-REX concept is characterized by coupling two identical electric motors and an internal combustion engine via an automated transmission with the drive shafts of the vehicle. Thereby, the transmissions consists of two subtransmissions with two speeds each. The powertrain offers high efficiency while pure electric and hybrid driving and performs gear shifts without interruption of traction force.

Based on the results of the completed project Doppel-E-Antrieb, in the publically fundet DE-REX project the electric motors and the transmission were designed, manufactured and set up as entire powertrain with an internal combustion engine at both a powertrain test bench and a demonstrator vehicle. All goals of the project were achieved and therefor, the project was successfully completed at June, 30th 2018.

Contact: Felix Langhammer

Further informationen you can find on the project website.