Tobias Eichenlaub, M.Sc.
Picture: IMS

Tobias Eichenlaub studied mechanical engineering at the TU Darmstadt and the University of Warwick (UK). Focus of his studies were different simulation methods particularly in the automotive field.

Since June 2018, he is part of the research group “Vehicle Systems” at the IMS. He is working on the adaptive longitudinal control and operating strategy of connected, self-learning vehicles including methods from the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In this context, he is involved in the project area “Resilient Self-Learning Autonomous Vehicles” of the national research center for applied cybersecurity (ATHENE).

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[Conference or Workshop Item]


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[Conference or Workshop Item]

Eßer, Arved ; Eichenlaub, Tobias ; Rinderknecht, Stephan (2020):
Real-Driving-Based Comparison of the Eco-Impact of Powertrain Concepts using a Data-Driven Optimization Environment.
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[Conference or Workshop Item]


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In: Vehicles — Open Access Journal from MDPI, [Article]


Rinderknecht, Stephan ; Eßer, Arved ; Schleiffer, J.-E. ; Eichenlaub, Tobias (2018):
Comparative Real-Driving Optimization of Drivetrain Concepts regarding the Ecological Impact - A Big Data Approach for the Fleet.
eDSIM Conference 2018 - Electrified Drivelines & Engineering 4.0, Darmstadt, Deutschland, [Conference or Workshop Item]

Eßer, Arved ; Schleiffer, J.-E. ; Eichenlaub, Tobias ; Kuznik, Alexander ; Seier, Maximilian ; Weyand, Steffi ; Nordenholz, Falko ; Steck, Felix ; Kröger, Lars ; Schebek, Liselotte ; Beidl, Christian ; Rinderknecht, Stephan (2018):
Verbrauchs- und Emissionsbewertung von Fahrzeugantriebskonzepten für die Langstreckenmobilität der Zukunft : Abschlussbericht FahrKLang : Berichtszeitraum: 01.10.2017-30.09.2018.
Darmstadt, Technische Universität Darmstadt, DOI: 10.2314/KXP:1696925533,

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