Lecture Machine Elements and Mechatronics I - Winter Semester

Monday 1:30-3:10 pm and Thursday 8:00-9:40 am, Location: L4|02 1&2

Details of the exercises will be announced in the first lecture.

In the 3rd semester, we teach the fundamentals of mechatronics in Machine elements and Mechatronics I. The mechatronic system components actuators, sensors and controllers are introduced and their interaction in the overall system is explained. For a better understanding, the relations are illustrated by numerous practical examples from automotive engineering and general mechanical engineering.

In the course of the new teaching of machine elements at the TU Darmstadt, colleagues from the pmd department teach the basics of mechanical machine elements and their design in the second part of the lecture.

To conclude the overall course, students apply the knowledge they have learned in the Product Design Project at the beginning of the 5th semester.

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The lecture Machine elements and Mechatronics II is organized by the Department of Product Development and Machine Elements and takes place in the summer semester on Wednesdays from 11:40 – 13:10.