Lecture Human-Mechatronics Systems

Winter Semester: Friday 9:50–11:30 a.m., Location L3|01 Room 92

Accompanying documents you can find in Moodle.

Lecture content:

1. Human-mechatronics systems

2. Wearable robotic systems

3. Human-oriented design methods

4. Biomechanics

5. Biomechanical models

6. Elastic robots

7. Elastic actuators

8. Control of elastic robots

9. Human-robot interaction

10. Empirical research methods

11. System integration

12. Fault handling

On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

1. Tackle challenges in human-mechatronic systems design interdisciplinary

2. Use engineering methods for modeling, design, and control in human-mechatronic systems development.

3. Apply methods from psychology (perception, experience), biomechanics (motion and human models), and engineering (design methodology) and interpret their results.

4. Develop mechatronic and robotic systems that are provide user-oriented interaction characteristics in addition to efficient and reliable operation.