Experimental und numerical investigation of the damage progression in a high-performance planetary gearbox after a fragment ingestion (GRACE II)

Period 2019 – 2023

Cooperation: Rolls Royce Deutschland (RRD), BMWi – LuFo VI

In the first call of the sixth civil aviation research program (LuFo VI) from 2020 to 2024 the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) supports research and technology projects of the civil aviation in Germany. The call serves the promising development of a sustainable, economic and efficient air transport system further information. In cooperation with RRD, the research project “KOVOHLG” – works on design conditions for the safe and reliable operation of high-performance gearboxes. GRACE II is the follow-up project to the successfully completed first project year of the research project of the same name. The research project provides for a critical examination of the damage propagation in high-performance planetary gearboxes. The effects of interest are the primary and secondary damage at the meshing gears caused by a disturbing body.

A test rig will be designed and put into operation. Several series of measurements will be carried out to identify and measure the dominant damage mechanisms. Based on this, an FE-model adapted to the test bench will be derived. The aim is to be able to transfer phenomena recorded on the test bench to other high-performance gear models.

Contact: Julia Haas , Christian Fischer

Further informationen: DLR