LIVE-I – Lightening and Innovating transmission for improving Vehicle Environmental Impacts

Period: 2020 – 2024

Funding: EU Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie

Consortium: École Centrale de Lyon, University of Naples Federico II, TU Darmstadt (IMS und SAM), VibraTec, Powerflex, Adaptronica, Compredict

Partners: Magna, University of Campinas, Sfax National Engineering School, Warsaw University of Technology, FVA

The project LIVE-I focuses on the mass reduction of transmissions in the automotive industry. Different aspects are considered such as the use of new materials, the introduction of new housing architectures and the implementation of active systems. The project’s target is to reduce the mass of the transmission, while maintaining the efficiency and NVH behavior.

A detailed description of the project can be found on the Project-Website

TU Darmstadt supervises the three listed projects:

The aim of the subproject is to use the existing electric traction machine in a hybrid transmission for vibration reduction. Therefore, a control algorithm to meet the requirements will be developed. The possibility of increasing the efficiency of the transmission throughout a suited control, for example by optimizing the sliding speeds of gears, will be investigated in addition.

The subproject is supervised together with VibraTec.

More information can be found in the Project descriotion.

This subproject focuses on the development of an active system for vibration reduction. Therefore, suitable actuators and sensors will be identified for this task, more generally how many are required and where the optimal placement will be. Suited control algorithms will be developed. A special focus lies on the integration of the active system into the transmission. A final analysis will investigate whether or not an active system can overtrump a passive system in respect to costs, efficiency and weight.

The subproject is supervised together with Powerflex.

More information can be found in the Project description

This subproject focuses on the development of high frequency actuators and the corresponding power electronics, which will be used for the active vibration reduction system mentioned in the previous subproject. Suitable actuator types will be found for the use in transmissions. A proof of concept test rig will be built to investigate the efficiency of an active vibration reduction system. The test rig will have a cheap and lightweight design regarding the passive properties, leading to a poor NVH behavior, which again will be compensated by the developed active system.

The subproject is supervised by SAM together with Powerflex.

More information can be found in the Project description.

Contact: Julia Jeßberger