DELTA – Darmstadtian Energy-Lab for Technologies in Application

Period: 2021-2026

Funding: a project from the initiative “Regulatory Sandboxes” of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

The DELTA project unites various sectors and stakeholders with the aim of making a contribution to the energy transition. In the “regulatory sandbox for the energy transition”, scientists, industry, utility companies and public transport operators work together to promote local and holistic solutions for the construction and operation of energy systems in the city. There is a strong focus on the actual transfer of scientific results into reality. Optimization methods, which, for example, increase the self-consumption of a residential area through renewable energies, can first be tested in a delimited virtual area and then tested and validated on the resulting infrastructure.

The IMS works together with companies, startups, actors from the urban environment and other university institutions. In sub-project 1, the scientific staff at IMS are working on creating a smart energy management system for the CO2-optimized control of an energy supply system with connected charging stations and an electromobility concept for a residential area. In sub-project 4, the bus depot of the HEAG mobibus, the public transport operator of Darmstadt, is in the foreground. For the implementation of optimization strategies developed at the IMS in the real world, the bus depot is provided with a comprehensive data infrastructure and is, thus, taken a step closer to digitization and more energy-efficient operating processes.

Contact: Maximilian Roth , Benjamin Blat Belmonte

Further information you can find on the Project website.