Start-up process investigation in conventional power train and hybrid power train

Period: 10/2019 – 12/2022

Cooperation: MAGNA

The start-up process is an important assessment manoeuvre for the characteristics of a vehicle, especially due to its frequent appearance, and determines the comfort and the driving pleasure significantly. The application of start-up processes therefore plays an important role in vehicle development. The start-up process must be designed and applied according to the requirements of original equipment manufacturer. In addition to the perception of the start-up process caused by the longitudinal acceleration, the engine acoustics also give the driver a corresponding impression. One aim of this project is to investigate the vestibular and acoustic influence on the driving experience. In addition to these subjective criteria, the influence of the change in state of start-up elements is of great interest. These should be used as objective criteria for the evaluation of the start-up process. Based on the subjective and objective criteria, it enables the automated application of start-up processes.

So far, the project partner has a large amount of measurement data from endurance tests of start-up elements. The data contains extensive information about the loads on start-up elements, which enable the derivation of criteria for the objective evaluation of the start-up processes. In this project, this data is analysed using techniques such as data mining to investigate the temporal influence of loads on start-up elements. Using these results, it provides the opportunity to develop a data-based approach that can be used to monitor and even predict the change in state of the start-up elements for life.