Research Project Campus FreeCity

Innovative Solution for urban traffic problems

Period: 2021 – 2024

Consortium: HOLM GmbH, EDAG Engineering GmbH, EintrachtTech GmbH, T-Systems International GmbH, COMPREDICT GmbH, DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Hochschule Fulda, TU Darmstadt (IMS, IAD, BST, SuR, WINF)

Founding: Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV)

The Campus FreeCity project implements a real-world laboratory for researching a comprehensive mobility concept based on a fleet of connected modular robotic vehicles. The partners are researching scientific-technical, social and economic aspects of this solution approach for future autonomous mobility in metropolitan centers.

The aim is to research and demonstrate a holistic approach to solving urban traffic problems on a laboratory scale. To this end, the project partners are investigating challenges and possible solutions of central elements of this approach: automated driving function, networking and data exchange, human-machine communication, acceptance and trust, integrated order management as well as identification and realization of economic and technical optimization potentials in operation.

As part of the project, the IMS is working on optimizing the drive module for real-world operation, efficiency-optimized longitudinal dynamics control, and potentials for sector coupling. For this purpose, virtual images of the autonomous robotic vehicles are created with the help of simulations and the efficiency potentials of the vehicles are determined with these. The results are validated by data recorded during the real-world operation phase.

Contact: Tobias Peichl , Paul Heckelmann

Further information can be found on the project website.