Cost Efficient Powertrain for Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

Period: 2016 – 2018

Cooperation: Conti Temic Microelectronic GmbH

In the course of the project a dedicated hybrid transmission (DHT) was developed aiming for a cost-efficient alternative to existing hybrid powertrains. The electrification of the powertrain is used to omit or simplify cost-intensive transmission components of conventional powertrains. The use of dog clutches allows the use of a cost-efficient shift actuator, which was developed by Continental.

The main focus of the collaboration was the development of transmission layout including gearset concept and the arrangement of the components. Furthermore, a dedicated dog clutch was a purpose design for this powertrain developed at the IMS. The innovative dog clutch design allows fast and comfortable gear changes.

An efficient support of the entire development process from the initial idea to a powertrain layout was possible by using both, IMS-in-house tools and commercial software.