Living lab SWIVT quarter

The Living lab “SWIVT quarter” is a housing estate that is considered in the publicly funded SWIVT projects.

The two parts “Moltkestaße 3-19” and “Bessunger Straße 158-188” are located in the immediate vicinity of the so-called “Postsiedlung” in Darmstadt-Bessungen. The SWIVT quarter consists of 208 residential units. The part “Bessunger Straße” will be renovated and energetically improved, while the part “Moltkestr.” will be completely demolished and replaced by new modern buildings with very high energetic standard. This heterogeneity of the neighborhood makes the use of different energy technologies necessary and increases the complexity of the overall system. The district is ideal for testing new smart grid technologies in the field of hardware and software in a real environment, as this district is a fully inhabited.

At the IMS, the SWIVT-Controller will be further developed and adapted for real use in the SWIVT quarter. In cooperation with the participating companies, comprehensive data will be recorded in the SWIVT quarter, which will be used to optimize the operation of the energy system on the one hand, but can also be used for other research purposes within the framework of data-based optimization approaches on the other hand.



  • Investigation of the application of hybrid storages in modern residences