Powertrain test bench CONNECT

Testing and optimization of drive configurations and operating concepts for the mobility of the future.

The IMS CONNECT with two load machines enables realistic testing of drive systems in inline and transverse arrangements. A synchronous machine is used as the prime mover, which can reproduce the highly dynamic system behavior of both an internal combustion engine and a traction electric motor. In addition, integrated electric and hybrid drive concepts including e-machines and power electronics can also be investigated at IMS CONNECT. The conditioning system allows lubricant temperature control in the test specimen between -10°C and +150°C, thus enabling the temperature dependence of various parameters to be investigated in a targeted manner. The automation of the test bench enables the automated test programs and the integration of active systems via the communication interfaces.

Our offer:

  • Static and dynamic tests of drives with higher speed (max. 10,000 1/min) and power (nominal torque 500 Nm to 4,500 1/min).
  • Testing of systems or investigation of temperature-dependent parameters with regulated lubricant temperature between 110°C and +150°C
  • Investigation of efficiency or loss behavior for drive trains or individual components
  • Functionality test: shifting operation, starting operation and clutch test
  • Validation of simulation (e.g. efficiency or transmission loss modeling)
  • Simulation of test cycles


  • Specimen tempering
  • Innovative targeted experiment design
  • High repeatability through strictly controlled test conditions
  • Realistic testing
  • Precise measurement technology
  • High level of automation
  • Possible integration of programs like Python and MATLAB/Simulink
  • Good price-performance ratio

Contact: Zhihong Liu

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