Shift test bench InnoShift

In the field of vehicle systems, the InnoShift (Innovative, modular test bench to analyse gear shifts in electrified powertrains) is a test environment for investigating gear shifting processes, in particular with dog clutches and new types of shift actuators for electrified powertrains. The modularity of the setup allows the investigation of different shift actuators and shift components in different scenarios for different powertrains.

Our offer:

  • Testing of shifting actuators for both 12 V and 48 V on-board power supplies
  • Testing of dog clutches
  • Investigation of gear shift engagement and disengagement process
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop tests with interactions to other powertrain control units


  • Angle senor with high resolution
  • Investigation of engagement and disengagement with precise angle synchronization
  • Gear shift engagement under differential speed and disengagement with drag torque
  • Simple adjustment of the inertia of the test bench shafts
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop test with up to two additional control units

Contact: Guanlin Gao

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