In the domain of the Vehicle Systems, the InnoShift (Innovativer, modularer Prüfstand zur Untersuchung von Schaltungen für Elektrifizierte Antriebe) is a test bench to investigate shifting especially with dog clutches and novel shift actuators designed for electrified powertrains. The modularity allows the investigation of different actuators, different dog clutch geometries in different scenarios for different powertrains.

Using dog clutches the interaction between dog clutch geometry, powertrain properties (specially inertias) and the control of the shift actuator is crucial for fast and comfortable gear shifts. Due to the modularity of InnoShift, different issues can be investigated in detail. Complete gear shift with angular position-controlled synchronization, gear disengagement with simulation of the drag torque or engagement with differential speed can be investigated. For realistic engagement scenario with differential speed, the inertia of the powertrain can be customized. Furthermore, the open design allows optical analyzation for example by using a high-speed camera additional to force and torque sensors.

Shift actuators with 12 V or 48 V power supply can be tested at the InnoShift with powerful DC sources. The modularity of InnoShift allows the investigation of different actuator concepts. From conventional shift drum systems over dedicated shift actuators with rods and forks to innovative, integrated actuators, various setups can be investigated. For efficient testing a dSPACE real-time system is used, which can also be utilized for restbus-simulation enabling the test of smart actuators in various driving scenarios.

Construction of the InnoShift test bench

Speed4E – Hyper-high-speed for electric vehicles to achieve maximum ranges

  • Investigation of gear shift actuator
  • Investigation of dog clutches
  • Investigation of gear shifting process
  • Testing in control unit network with powertrain control system
Drive Unit 1
Rated speed 3000 1/min
Rated torque 1,4 Nm
Gear ratio: 3 oder 16
Drive Unit 2 Rated speed 3000 1/min
Rated torque 1,4 Nm
Gear ratio: 3 oder 16
Output Unit
Rated speed 3000 1/min
Rated torque 1,4 Nm
Gear ratio: 3 oder 16
Power Supply Shift Actuator
Voltage: 12 – 48 V
Current: 30 – 90 A
Rotational speed sensor SIKO magnetic sensor
Resolution 0.18°
System plattform dSPACE real-time system
High speed camera optional