Quarter-vehicle test bench Car-in-the-Loop

The quarter-vehicle test bench Car-in-the-Loop is an extension of today's test setups in vehicle development. One of its main applications is to test the functions and interaction of various mechatronic systems in longitudinal and lateral dynamics with adjustable chassis position in vertical direction on a physical level under realistic driving situations. This allows the testing of the control units or their rapid control prototyping to be front loaded to the test bench at an earlier stage of development.

Our offer:

  • Conventional testing of ECUs in powertrain and steering
  • Testing of the ECUs with real systems such as:
    • Investigation of the steering system with regard to vehicle response and steering delay
    • Investigation of the steering maneuver behavior
  • Testing of ECU network with focus on their interaction on physical level


  • Replacing complex and difficult modeling of mechatronic systems such as power steering with real existing systems
  • High test depth with consideration of physical effects such as kinematic coupling, friction and backlash

Contact: Guanlin Gao

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