Environment for comparative optimization of vehicle drives (DrOPs)

To enable a proper comparison between different powertrain concepts, a holistic optimization environment was set up at the IMS (DrOPs: Driving-optimal Powertrains). To ensure the best possible comparability, uniform requirements, usage profiles and boundary conditions are used as a basis. Within the optimization, a quality function-based operating strategy is used to determine the quasi-optimal operating behavior for each powertrain parameterization. By determining the optimal design and operation of each powertrain concept, a uniform evaluation basis is created, which enables the robust comparison of different drive concepts under the equivalent requirements.

Our offer:

  • Systematic comparison of powertrain concepts for special applications
  • Design & systematic comparison of variants of a powertrain concept for a specific application
  • Potential analysis and parameter studies (optimal design of gear ratios, parameterization of engine power, fuel tanks (H2, CNG) and battery size, …)
  • All currently relevant drive concepts integrated: ICEV, BEV (fixed gear and switchable), HEV, PHEV, FCEV, DHT

The DrOPs environment was developed for highest computational efficiency in an early development stage. Due to the high computational efficiency, DrOPs enables concept comparisons and design studies considering the entire possible parameter space with sufficient modeling quality.


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Contact: Philippe Jardin