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  • Development of a Distributed test platform for automotive systems: launch process study

    am Institut für Mechatronische Systeme im Maschinenbau


    Masterthesis, Bachelorthesis

    Shared test platforms can realize multi-functionality investigations at the early stage of the vehicle powertrain development.

    At IMS, the CONNECT (powertrain test bench) and Driveception (driving simulator) are integrated for a distributed measurement of powertrain dynamics and their impact on subjective perception during the launch process. The student work will be focused on the realization of the test bench networking and its real-time performance for the launch process study.

    Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Zhihong Liu

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  • Entwicklung Geschwindigkeitsprädiktion auf Basis eines Kolmogorov-Arnold-Netzwerks in Matlab

    am Institut für Mechatronische Systeme im Maschinenbau



    As part of the KI4ETA project, for example, load peak smoothing on hybrid storage should be designed intelligently.For this purpose, strategies such as deep reinforcement learning (DRL) and mathematical optimization (MILP) have already been implemented in the eta-utility package. However, in this simulative setup, only the data actually preceding the test data is currently used as a forecast, which would correspond to an ideal forecast and therefore cannot work in real applications

    Supervisor: Dominik Leininger, M.Sc.

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