Planetary Gearboxes

The IMS participated in several projects comprising the topic of planetary gearboxes. Planetary gearboxes are characterized by their compact design and high power density. However, the occurring excitation mechanisms are more complex than those of a normal gearbox and therefore are subject of our research.

Our projects include the technical measurement and analysis of vibration signatures of typical planetary gearboxes, focusing on observations of correlation between vibrations and micro geometric deviations within the planetary gear assembly. In addition to system identification, damage mechanisms and their propagation occurring in high-performance planetary gears are also in the scope of our research. In particular, the effects of re-ingestion of tooth fragments are considered.

Current projects:

GRACE II – Experimental und numerical investigation of the damage progression in a high-performance planetary gearbox after a fragment ingestion

Finished projects:

Vibration signature analysis of a planetary gearbox

Active vibration reduction of tooth mesh vibrations in planetary gearboxes