Simulation suite for elastic rotors (ANEAS)

ANEAS is a Matlab-based simulation program that was developed at the IMS for the rotor dynamic simulation of magnetic bearing systems.

With ANEAS it is possible to simulate the behavior of a system with active magnetic bearings as well as a rotor drop-down. For the drop-down simulations, conventional ball bearings and plain bearings can be used. It is also possible to use conventional touch-down bearings or planetary touch-down bearings as used for the flywheel storage systems at the IMS. The software can be used to investigate both inner and outer rotor systems.

Orbit of the rotor in a planetary touch-down bearing
Orbit of the rotor in a planetary touch-down bearing

The simulation in ANEAS is based on a flexible stator and rotor model, which are coupled either via the magnetic bearing forces or the strongly nonlinear contact forces in case of a touch-down bearing contact. The coupling by the contact force considers the contact stiffness of the rotor and the roller element in the touch-down bearing. In addition to that, the stiffness of the ball bearings as well as the stiffness of specifically introduced spring-damper elements is considered. These elements can be either elastomer rings or tolerance rings. The system of nonlinear differential equations is solved in the time domain. In post-processing, the behavior of the rotor is shown in diagrams and characteristic values are calculated, with which the severity of different rotor drop-downs can be compared.

Within the project KoREV-SMS the software was validated on the touch-down bearing test rig for a touch-down bearing system with six touch-down bearing units. Currently, ANEAS is being validated with further tests within the project KoREV-SMS2 with additional touch-down bearing configurations.