Robot for intelligent and collaborative applications

In the framework of the collaboration between ABB AG and the Institute of Mechatronic Systems IMS, a Robot for Intelligent and Collaborative Applications (Rica), based on an ABB 7-axis single-arm YuMi was set-up. The soft-padded robot is designed for collaborative use between humans and robots in industry.

With its seven degrees of freedom, the robot offers high flexibility and allows redundancy-related studies within the IMS. Additionally, the robot is mounted to a passive mobile platform to make it useful for lectures and public events.

The robot is equipped with the OmniCore controller, which helps with the handling of the increasing data transfer when using multiple sensors and within the framework of machine learning. The controller has ABB’s safety solution SafeMove2 built-in, to save floor space and facilitate collaborative applications. It can also be equipped with a wide range of additional features, such as fieldbus protocols, and vision solutions which is advantageous for some studies. In addition to the controller, the YuMi is equipped with a smart gripper with an integrated camera and vacuum to further expand its applications even more to include various Industry 4.0 topics.

On one hand, the robot allows lead-through programming using its large multi-touch FlexPendant, through which the users can program motions and positions easily and quickly. This greatly simplifies robot programming and makes it ideal for student applications or quick testing. On the other hand, the robot can be programmed with RAPID via RobotStudio, for more complex applications as well as for virtual commissioning or simulations.

The YuMi Robot along with its OmniCore controller is a great addition to the institute’s test benches since it can contribute to the IMS Robotic Systems team’s research activities in the areas of Robot’s Motion Control and Robot’s Industrial applications.

  • Motion Control is one of the critical topics in automation. Introducing a robotic automation solution in a dynamic environment is a major challenge for motion control. The YuMi robot, together with the externally guided motion EGM, is well suited for motion control-related research activities in dynamic and unpredictable environments.
  • Humans and robots working side by side can improve work ergonomics, increase productivity and improve overall quality. One challenge is to realize high safety requirements for complex systems and environments and at the same time, improve the overall efficiency. Additionally, the robot’s actions must be predictable to humans at all times, and the robot must be able to safely adapt to all changes in the environment. The YuMi robot is used to investigate new concepts and algorithms related to Human-Robot Collaboration for industrial applications.
  • Machine learning algorithms are implemented on the YuMi in the context of robot learning and data-driven methods for Industrial Applications, to improve the efficiency of the applications as well as to improve the robot’s motion control.
Specification Robot version: IRB 14050
Reach: 559 mm
Payload: 500 g
Dimension (Bottom): 160 mm x 160 mm
Weight: 9.5 kg
Integrated signal and power supply: 24V Ethernet or 4 Signals
Integrated air supply: 4 Bar
Controller: OmniCore
Performance Position repeatability: 0.02 mm
Max TCP Velocity: 1.5 m/s
Max TCP Acceleration: 11 m/s2
Acceleration time 0-1m/s: 0.12 s