Longitudinal dynamic driving simulator Driveception

In the field of vehicle systems, the Driveception is a test environment for investigating and evaluating longitudinal dynamic driving maneuvers such as starting and shifting processes. In the context of human-oriented technology, the focus is on human perception, driver behavior and user acceptance.

Our offer:

  • Investigation of the perception of longitudinal dynamic driving maneuvers such as gearshifts and starting processes based on measured data, synthesized data or vehicle models
  • Investigation of the influence of visual and acoustic stimuli (e.g. engine speed and torque control)
  • Statistical evaluation of the collected data


  • Consideration of human factors in technical development
  • High reproducibility due to identical, controllable test conditions
  • High variability of the experimental design
  • Selected investigations of factors influencing human perception
  • Neutral, brand and model-independent test environment
  • Reduction of time and costs

Contact: Safa Kaskaya

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