Test vehicle - VW Passat GTE

A comprehensive database is essential for the successful use of data-based development methods in the context of research at the IMS. The systematic recording of the driving data of the institute's own vehicle is an important component. In addition, the vehicle serves as a prototypical operational environment for novel functions such as driving style classification based on neural networks.

VW Passat GTE at the charging station
VW Passat GTE at the charging station

The VW Passat GTE is designed as a P2 hybrid and has an electric machine with a maximum output of 85 kW. The battery with a capacity of 9.9 kWh enables a purely electric range of 57 km in the WLTP. As a special feature, the Passat GTE has a dual clutch transmission specially developed for hybrid vehicles, which integrates the electric machine. The real usage behavior of the vehicle can be recorded through the instrumentation with a driving data logger. For example, the proportion of purely electric driving, the range under different operating conditions or the driving style in the corresponding hybrid modes can be examined. These investigations can serve as indicators for the changed usage profiles of novel drive concepts.

Drive P2 hybrid: 115 kW 4 cylinders, 85 kW electrical machine
6-speed dual clutch transmission
Battery capacity
9,9 kWh
Driving data logger Vector GL2000