Energy Systems

A lot of approaches used in mechatronics systems can be successfully applied in the field of energy technology. Research in the field of energy systems deals with a wide range of issues in a sector that is currently subject to dynamic changes. A significant part of the research and development activities deals with the topic of energy storage and is supplemented by overall system issues, such as smart grids or sector integration.

The first focus of the group is kinetic energy storage systems . Based on the long-standing tradition of magnetic bearing technology at the IMS, an innovative design is realized and practically tested. An essential part of the research work are further developments of the components involved, such as the already mentioned magnetic bearings, the back-up bearings or the determination of the fatigue strength of fiber-plastic composite rotors by means of a specially developed test bench.

The second focus extends the hybrid energy storage systems with lithium-ion batteries to high-performance hybrid storage systems, which combined have significantly better properties than the individual storage systems involved. The economic viability of hybrid energy storage systems for both stationary and mobile applications is investigated in simulations. The hybrid concept is practically tested by self-developed prototypes in various applications.

In addition to developments in the field of kinetic and hybrid energy storage systems, the third focus is on energy management strategies for complex smart grids . The study of local energy systems does not only depict electrical components, but multimodal models of the smart grids are created. Thus, various cross-sectoral effects between the electrical and thermal subsystems can be investigated, but also other aspects, such as electromobility, can be integrated. The research ranges from feasibility studies to experimental investigations in real energy systems