Development trends in the automation and electrification of vehicle drives are increasingly pushing transmission systems and their components into focus. At the IMS, therefore, in the field of transmission technology, both the operating behaviour of existing transmission systems is investigated and characterised and new mechatronic transmission components are explored and developed.

Dog clutch in the Speed2E-Transmission

The efficiency or power loss characteristics of transmission systems and components is a substantial factor for the energy consumption of the vehicle drive. The reduction of losses or energy consumption requires a deep understanding of the nature and influencing factors of individual loss phenomena. The methods developed at the IMS therefore combine virtual modelling and simulation with physical testing on both component and transmission test benches. As further component attributes, for instances, the fatigue life of transmission components is modelled and investigated.

The progressive electrification of vehicle drives also enables the specific enhancement and optimization of transmission components. For example, shift actuator systems for electrified drives with dog clutches can be optimized with regard to shift time reduction due to the changed requirements. Thereby, a higher shift comfort and thus a high user acceptance can be achieved. The dedicated shift actuator system developed at the IMS is also characterized by a high degree of functional and geometric integration.