Atalante – Aktives piezoelektrisches Lager mit umlaufender Aktorik

Period: 2020 – 2023

Funding: German Research Foundation

The project Atalante (project number 516722405) deals with the fundamentals of an active bearing with rotating piezo actuators in the load path. With this rotating piezoelectric bearing, unexplained side effects occur during operation, which are to be investigated and modelled in more detail within the framework of the project. For this purpose, numerical models are created which serve to simulate the non-linear rotordynamic effects. This always takes place in conjunction with measurements and experiments on a test bench. Furthermore, different control strategies such as charge inversion and energy harvesting for the rotating actuators are examined. Finally, a statement is generated about the potential of an active bearing with rotating piezo actuators on the basis of the knowledge gained.

The main focus of this project is the investigation of the side effects caused by rotating piezo actuators, the numerical modelling of rotors with rotating piezo actuators and the possible control strategies for the actuators.

Contact: Hossein Ghaemi

Further Information: DFG-GEPRIS